At Publicom-USA, service excellence is never a commodity!

Drive your business to even greater success with high value professional freelance writing, editing and content consulting services to match your company's excellence, and meet your organization's needs.

Since establishing Publicom-USA in the 1980's, Gary Bowen continues to deliver effective, "call-to-action" writing and editorial services - traditional and online - to businesses gigantic and small: nearshore and far.

Publicom-USA creates dynamic, inspirational content. And Gary's editing gifts transform your copy into content that organically flows, informs and motivates.

Publicom-USA is actually a content collaborator. Your thoughts, ideas and personality are most essential in creating your compelling and unique message.

Publicom-USA consistently delivers supreme value to all of your communications.

Publicom-USA's many years of experience work for you. The services listed below are delivered on-time, at a fair price.

And with every writing service, the first edit is always free.

  • Published articles & "native content" (advertorials)   (30 yrs experience)
  • Original website content (Copyscape = 10% or less) which is reader AND search engine friendly   (20)
  • Social Media - dating all the way back to newsgroups & BBS   (23)
  • Business & technology case studies & white papers   (20+)
  • Editing  (35+)
  • Marketing brochures & other collaterals   (25+)
  • Sales & business-related cover letters and emails   (25+)
  • Business plans, proposals, and RFP's  (12+)
  • Audio & video scripts   (30+)
  • Speeches   (25+)
  • Ghostwriting (25+)
  • Traditional publishing for magazines & fine (coffee table) books (15+)
  • Even copy for cereal boxes - (that was long ago tho:-)

    And more - you name it, he's probably written it

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